Carpet flooring 101:  how to shop for durability

Carpet flooring 101: how to shop for durability

When you shop for carpeting, you want something that looks great and performs well for a long time. It's important to understand that many factors, not just weight, determine quality.

Before you do anything, understand your needs

Lifestyle determines carpeting demands. For example, a large family with kids and pets will have different requirements than a quiet, small family.

Also, look at the room. How will it be used?

For example, a living room can be a center of family activity; it can also be a formal space to be used only for entertaining.
Understand fiber and the pros and cons of each
The most commonly chosen are wool, nylon, polyester, olefin (polypropylene), and triexta. They all have different levels of strength.

For example, nylon is best for heavily trafficked floors. On the other hand, polyester is best for moderately busy rooms.

You'll find many types of fibers at our carpet store, from nylon to triexta and solution-dyed polyester.

Density: the amount of pile in this floor covering

Density indicates how closely together the fibers are tufted. The more dense, the better the quality.

Density numbers are on the rug's label. Anything over 3,500 is a great choice.

Twist: for higher rug piles

This is for fibers that are a little longer. Twist refers to how many times the fiber is twisted per inch of the carpeting.

The tighter the twist, the less chance of traveling. Also, on the label, a good twist is anything over four.

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