Carpet fibers: nylon vs. polyester

Carpet fibers: nylon vs. polyester

Nylon and polyester are the two most popular synthetic carpet fibers, but they each have different characteristics that affect performance. What you choose will come down to your needs and, as always, feel free to come into our carpet store if you need additional information.

Durability and stain resistance

Nylon accounts for over 50% of all carpeting chosen. It’s known for super-strength and resilience (the ability to bounce back after compression, such as footsteps) and, when a protectant is used, has good stain resistance.

Some nylon is solution-dyed, meaning that it's baked in during the manufacturing process instead of the dye being applied after the process, resulting in better resistance to both staining and fading. As a result, nylon is an excellent soft surface floor covering for busy, high-foot trafficked rooms.

Polyester, which is slightly less resilient than nylon, is better for rooms with moderate foot traffic. It comes out on top, however, when it comes to stain resistance. That’s because the polyester fiber naturally repels stains; it is hydrophobic, meaning that it won’t absorb liquid, so the capability is inherent.

It's important to know that each comes in different qualities and levels, so, when comparing, be sure they're both the same grade. Otherwise, results won't be accurate.

Why is rug fiber so important?

Fiber is the material from which the yarns are made, making it the most crucial decision you'll make when selecting a soft surface floor covering. The right or wrong fiber will impact aesthetics, performance, and longevity.

They are broken down into natural and synthetics, and your decision comes down to personal preference. For example, naturals would appeal to those seeking eco-friendly products. On the other hand, many people, especially large families, find synthetics more practical because they tend to have more stain resistance and are budget-friendly. Other popular fibers include olefin (polypropylene), Triexta, and wool.

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