Flooring store in Wisconsin from Carpet City

Considerations on selecting the right flooring for you

Congratulations!   Installing a new floor is a significant investment and an expression of your style, so you want to get it right the first time around. Carpet City is your Wisconsin flooring company, and we present these four things to consider before you start shopping.

Explore your lifestyle

When you walk into the flooring stores, you'll be amazed not only by the types of flooring but the different grades, levels, and qualities within each one.  While all carpets, hardwood, tile, etc., may look the same, they all have unique characteristics, and you need to determine if you have extra durability, stain resistance, or waterproofing needs.

Even before you start shopping, ask yourself some questions, including family size, kids, or pets.  Do you cook large meals and spend extended amounts of time standing in the kitchen?   Do you want a floor that's low maintenance, or do you not mind pulling out the vacuum or mopping periodically?

Know your budget

Don’t just think about initial product purchase; consider installation costs and upkeep such as sealing or professional cleaning.  Think also of supplemental products such as underlayments or other cushioning.

Knowing your style: designing from the floor up

Since the floor is the most significant area in a room, it sets the entire space's tone. Do you want it to be quiet and serene, earthy, modern, traditional, etc.? Do you have preferred colors, patterns, or textures?  It would help if you also thought of your overall decor so whatever you choose is aligned with your home’s style.

What is your ultimate goal?

Are you staying in the home for a while or planning to move? Is this a cosmetic change or one that adds value to a property? Think about warranties. They often show a manufacturer's confidence in a product, so do you want a 25-year warranty, or are you okay with a ten-year one?

Our experts help you sort it all out so you get the proper flooring installation. Visit Carpet City at any of our 11 locations in Wisconsin.  We service Eau Claire, Germantown, Green Bay, Holmen, Kenosha, Marshfield, Minocqua, Racine, Rhinelander, Wausau, Wisconsin Rapids and offer free flooring quotes